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Monday, May 14, 2012

Yellow Fellows Update

Remember my post, Yellow Fellows?

She had a give-away and I was selected!

Thank you, Sharla!!!

Visit her blog to see many sweet pets!

These are the babies about two weeks later.

These babies are little orphans now.
Mama Cat was killed on the highway about a week ago.
The kittens were about four weeks old.

Lots of milk replacement, tummy rubbing and loving.

The little cream sickle one on the left came home with me along with a little girl.
That might be her hiney there???

There are three that are just yellow so I don't know who this is,
but he's getting his belly rubbed with a warm cloth so he'll go potty.

These are the two that came home with me.

Peaches is a girl.

And BamBam (or Punkin, don't know yet) is a boy.

There are still three babies that are not spoken for.

Don't you need a sweet one?


Betty Roan said...

They are so cute. I'm a sucker for kittens, but I have an old dog who wouldn't play nice. ;(

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Oh, so cute. I hope they find a home.

Tina´s PicStory said...

they are sooo cute! would like to have them all :)

Sandra said...

so sweet so precious and your photos are really good of them. I love the one of the two your brought home sleeping together and the face peeking out of the fence. precious little ones and i hope they all find homes. poor babies.

Cranberry Morning said...

Oh Amy, those are adorable - and such fantastic photos! They make me smile! I hope the kittens all find happy homes.♥

Pamela Gordon said...

What sweet kitties. How sad they are orphaned. I hope you can find homes for the rest of them. Great photos around the old rusty metal.

EG CameraGirl said...

These kittens are so sweet!

Rita said...

Such adorable photos of these cute kittens. Afraid, we already have an overfill of cats at our place. We recently lost one of our sister adoptees so that leaves us with the surviving sister and two other strays we have taken in.

I can't imagine living without at least one affectionate feline that wants to cuddle during TV watching time.