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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Main attraction

A couple of butterflies were flitting around these flowers the other day and it was overcast.  A perfect setting  so I went in for the camera and pulled up a chair.

Then along comes

and rubbed against the plants sending the butterflies off to find undisturbed flowers.

Luckily, the butterflies were back later in the day and the sky was still overcast.

"I'm still the main attraction."

Chevy rust

Powder Mill Hill
Near Lawrenceburg, Tennessee

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Friday's Fence looking to fall

Sorry.  I know you might have expected a beautiful outdoor scene with fallen leaves all around a rural fence.
The truth is that I have no fence this week so I went digging.

Since I really, really want fall (my favorite season) and cooler weather to be here, I thought 
I would take liberties and use this as a fence entry.

Notice the date.  Almost ten years ago.  I've been putting something similar on my 
kitchen counter for a long, long time.

Actually, all over the house.


White blooms this time

I've lived in the south all of my life, but never paid attention to cotton crops except
when the bolls were opened and the entire field was white like snow.

Previously, I showed pink blooms and at the time I thought all the white ones had already
turned to pink, as they do, and we were done blooming.

Boy, was I wrong.
The cotton crop surrounding my home is now COVERED with blooms, both white and pink

The cotton plants are waist to chest high and there are all different stages of bloomage (new word?).
Budding, seeding, making bolls.

I am still fascinated by these bracts.  They are so frilly.

An unopened cotton boll.

In the original you can see all the white blooms on that hill.  They blend in on the uploaded version.

If these Japanese beetles and their friends, the Boll Weevils, don't eat the whole crop,
and if there is enough rain, but not too much rain, and at the right time,
there will be a profusion of white later on this year.

I'm looking forward to it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


The paint color in my bathroom was called "mushroom".

I'm just now really seeing why.

After Googling I know no more about this mushroom/toadstool than I did,
so chime in if you can enlighten us on what this is.

I didn't eat it.

Go take pictures.  You might see something.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Barn Charm

Ethridge, Tennessee

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Clouds above the canyon

Maybe I won't torture you with a hundred shots of the Grand Canyon.

We were there in 2006 and it was hazy the whole time, but I still got some good shots.
It is truly an amazing sight to see.

Grand Canyon, Arizona, U. S. A.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Vintage boats

Friday night we went to see vintage boats at the Alabama State Park which is near our town.

Joe Wheeler Lodge and Marina (http://www.alapark.com/JoeWheeler/) has a vintage boat show each year (I think each year).
This year it coincides with the start of the W. C. Handy Festival which is an annual Blues event in the Shoals area of North Alabama.   It might be planned during the Handy Festival each year, but I'm not sure.

It is only a few minutes from our house.  The lodge and marina are on a creek which runs from the Tennessee River.

There weren't that many vintage boats there, but there was one from 1927.  It looked as good as the ones from the fifties and sixties.  Did I get a photo of it?  No.

There are always deer around, especially in the evening.  I was hoping to see a fawn or two, but no luck.
This one stayed about ten feet from the car while I took its picture.

Festival Entrance
Handy Festival poster design (http://www.wchandymusicfestival.org/festival.htm):  "This year's winners are a team of undergraduate students from the University of North Alabama;  Savannah Trammell from Rogersville, Alabama; Taylor Noblit from Tuscumbia, Alabama; and Kristen Dunn from Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  The design was created as a class assignment for an honors computing course taught at UNA by Ron Davis, Assistant Professor of Computing Information Systems.  All three students are members of the UNA Honors Program."

Next Friday, as part of the Handy Festival, a "Tina Turner" impersonator is being featured again at Joe Wheeler State Park.
If I go, maybe you'll get to see her next Saturday.  :)

Visit Rogersville, Alabama

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Standin' on the corner in

This fence won't pass the aesthetics test, but there is a story behind it - literally :).

We were told that the adjacent building had burned and the fence was a safety measure to keep people out.

Aren't all those reflections in the windows cool!!!
And the eagle is so stately sitting on the window ledge.

Ok, I'm pulling your leg.
Visit this link if you don't know the real story.

I was telling Kathy, a fellow blogger, that I missed many, many photo opportunities on this trip.
I did take many, many photos, but this was America's Route 66!!!!!

A great thing was that the Disney movie "Cars" came out that summer.  I didn't see the movie until after our trip so it was especially fun to watch.
I gotta go back.  In fact, maybe I need to find that movie and watch it tonight!!!

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Rural storm?

Is this rural?
We were amazed at the storms when we visited Arizona and Nevada in 2006.
I suppose the storms are no different than what we have, but
the amazing thing to us was seeing the whole storm from miles and miles away.

This was taken between the Las Vegas airport and Hoover Dam.
The storm may actually be in California.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Clouds and crepes and coffee and why

This has been a sad week.

The life of a twenty-two year old ended tragically a few days ago.  She was the daughter of a friend of mine.

The daughter of a friend of our family was inside a bar where a gunman opened fire in Tuscaloosa, Alabama this week.  She was not injured physically, but people at her table were.

We will never know why these things happened.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Ft. Payne, Alabama

In May 2012, I went to one of those yard sales that runs all along a highway.
It was the first time I had been in this area for other than just driving through.
I started in Attalla, Alabama and traveled north on US 11

These shots are from Ft. Payne, Alabama which is known for several things.

Ft. Payne was one of the locations where forced evacuation of Cherokee Indians took place in 1838 as part of the Indian Removal Act of 1830.

Each year on a Saturday, tens of thousands of motorcyclists travel a designated route in remembrance of the original "Trail of Tears".  It runs through my town and the sound of thundering cycles can be heard much of that day.

(I don't always like Wikipedia since the info is not always complete/accurate/validated)

Ft. Payne is home of the country band, "Alabama".
Above is one of the tributes to them in the town.  I saw a museum also.

This area of Alabama is also known as the sock capital of the world due to
hosiery manufacturing in earlier years.
Above is an old hosiery manufacturing mill.

And I always notice the old theaters.
Not sure what's going on with the shampoo special.  Maybe the salon is inside the theater.

Other attractions in this area include Desoto State Park, Little River Canyon, and Buck's Pocket State Park

If you are in the area check out what Ft. Payne has to offer.