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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mississippi - Part Four - Greenville and Rolling Fork

Not much to say about Greenville.  We only spent a couple of hours here also.
It is directly on the mighty Mississippi River.
Many stores in the downtown area are empty.

Greenville is the home of the original Doe's Eat Place.
And we ate there.

Delicious tamales . . .

. . . good, not great, 10 oz. filet . . . 

 . . . authentic Delta atmosphere in an old store.

I wanted to go through Rolling Fork, Mississippi because my great aunt lived there for many years.
She was the head "lunchroom lady" at the school there in the 60s and 70s (and maybe 50s).  I remember her talking about Greenville, Greenwood, Jackson, and Vicksburg.
It is a very small town and I guess you had to go to one of those cities for just about everything.

It was dusk when we got there so I didn't get many shots.
In fact, I missed a large part of the Delta farmland and many other photo worthy places (possibly only in my imagination) because we went through in the darkness.

Blues artist, Muddy Waters, was born in Rolling Fork and lived in Clarksdale.


Judy @ daily yarns said...

What a wonderful mural, and the tamales look delicious!

heyBJK said...

That's a very elaborate bank building. Nice architecture! The steak may have only been good, but it sure looks great!

Betty Roan said...

Yum, I miss tamales. I lived in Texas for over 30 years. Can't get good ones here in middle-of-nowhere Illinois. ;( That is one fine mural!

Sandra said...

glad you did not miss the wall art. i really like that shot

Kerry said...

Yummy handmade tamales and nice mural! The thing I notice about all these places is they appear clean ie no fast food wrappers or Walmart bags flying around!

Cranberry Morning said...

Love that mural/collage and those gorgeous columns! Spectacular photos.

Rita said...

Never heard of any of these places, so I learned something new today thanks to you.

Love that mural also. You need to link it up to the Monday Mural meme.