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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Out and About - Belle Mina

(I didn't get a shot of the home described in the below historical marker because I think it is privately owned and lived in.  It is beautiful and the typical "suh-thon plantation".  You can find a couple of photos if you Google "Belle Mina, Alabama".)

Here's a link

The marker reads:  "Thomas Bibb built this grand house in 1826 and named it 'Belle Manor' (beautiful home), but local pronunciation altered it to 'Belle Mina'.  The home which stayed in the Bibb family until 1940 was the seat of Bibb's large plantation, and furnished the name of the small town nearby.  The town of Belle Mina developed around a railroad station intended for the nearby town of Mooresville, the residents of which didn't want it built too close to their homes and businesses.

While serving as President of the Alabama Senate, Thomas Bibb ascended to the office of Governor when his brother William Wyatt Bibb, then holding that office was accidentally killed in a fall from his horse.  William Wyatt Bibb had been Governor of Alabama Territory 1817 - 1819, and when statehood was granted he became the first Governor of the State of Alabama.

Erected by
Limestone County Historical Society &
Athens/Limestome Tourism Council, 2002"


Sandra said...

beautiful old store, i am wondering why they stopped painting on the side wall.

Nancy said...

We have a little general store like this nearby painted white -- they are amazing little structures full of history. Great post, Amy.

Kerry said...

Neat place to drive through! That little store looking building used to look so bad. Now it looks maintained without looking too updated!

Linda said...

What a lovely old store! I miss those old general stores...the friendly atmosphere, fascinating items and great prices. Dollar stores today are nice but don't have the same character as did those old general stores. Thank you for sharing.

EG CameraGirl said...

Interesting that it's now a home.