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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mississippi - Part Six - Vicksburg - The Mighty Mississippi

This is just north of the I-20 bridge going into Louisana.
The river twists and turns so the direction is not technically accurate,
but this is looking generally north up the river.  That bend is the river taking an almost direct west turn. 

I could not find a good place to get a decent shot of the bridges from the north side.  
Rails, construction, buildings are in the way.

This would be the perfect view had the casino not been built there.

These were taken just south of the I-20 bridge later in the day.

The Riverfront Hotel and Casino.

There is a funny story from this night.
We walked through the parking lot with another couple that had also just arrived.
They asked where we were from, and long story short, they were from our same little small town in north Alabama.
So, you say, Alabama-Mississippi, it's all the same.
Maybe to you, but Vicksburg is about 7 hours away from our town.
If it had been in Tunica, the big Vegas wanna-be of the south, I wouldn't have been so surprised.
Small world.

( One day I'll tell the story of our vacation in Arizona where we happened upon relatives in a restaurant. )

The only reason I have these shots is because I could not go on the casino floor with my camera.
Yes, it is too big to put in my purse.
No, I would not leave it in the car.
So while my husband gambled, I spent some time outside
and did some things I don't normally take the time to do - use the tripod.
(Yes, it was safe.  There were a lot of people out there, including some with young children, enjoying the river while their family members were inside.)

Bridges are very interesting to me, especially the old ones.

These two shots were taken from the Visitor's Center in Vicksburg.
The Mississippi Visitor's Centers are very nice.  They have put a lot of effort in them.
It appears they are trying hard to promote Mississippi as a good vacation spot.
I have never thought of Mississippi as a vacation spot except for the coastal area.  Maybe that is because you don't think of areas close to you as interesting, but Mississippi does have more to offer than I ever thought.

Now, I need to look into what my own state has to offer.
A trip like this in Alabama is on my bucket list.

Enough river and bridges and palavering for one day.

Your eyes are probably glazed over and I may have lost you, but we haven't yet made it through Vicksburg,
or to the best fried chicken ever, or to Natchez !

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Sandra said...

awesome night shots of the hotel and the bridge. and it is a small world

Rita said...

The mighty Mississippi runs through our area as well and it is amazing how many casinos have been built along it in Missouri. I had myself blacklisted in the entire state to make sure I would never set foot in one of them.

So, I am the lady on the outside with the camera while my friends and family go play.

Your time was well spent, your photos are wonderful.

I love bridges as well and photograph a lot of them but never have I gotten shots this great.

Anonymous said...

Love those shots.. the one between the bridges, the night bridge and the night casino shots are my favs!

Eclectically Vintage said...

I love road tripping and this looks like so much fun!

It is definitely a small world! My hubs was on a biz trip in Boston (from NJ) and ran into his ex-fiancee in a restaurant!

Glad to be following.

Candy said...

Im totally enjoying your trip to Mississippi, Amy, and lovin all your great photography.
Hey, girl, Im the silly who went INSIDE the casino with a camera and took a picture. I was quickly escorted to the front and my camera taken away until we left. I felt like a hardened criminal.
Was good to see you today and THANKS for the purchase. I know you'll enjoy BOTH your pump AND your precious rocking chair.

heyBJK said...

These are awesome, Amy! Fantastic work! I love that bridge and the views. Your photo of the hotel is stunning!

VioletSky said...

I do wonder why this desire to build casinos on the water's edge (some fools are trying to do just that in Toronto) I think the shores should be free of obtrusive buildings and available to all with feet and cameras.

That is a very nice bridge, too.

Linnea said...

Very impressive bridges spanning a mighty river!

Marie said...

I've never been to Ivy Green, Helen Keller's home, in AL and I have always wanted to go! I understand it's wonderful...just throwing that out there for your future AL trip! :-) Your photos are just so amazing! I love them. That "Mighty Mississip" sure is awe-inspiring! You took some great shots. Oh, I am amazed you ran into some people from your very own small town there at the Casino! Such things do happen....I noticed you said you ran into relatives at a restaurant in AZ. My Dad had 10 brothers and sisters, all from small-town Alabama, and I remember hearing one of the twins tell about driving over Hoover Dam and seeing her twin sister standing there! Neither of them knew the other was there vacationing! :-)

Kerry said...

Small world is right! I laughed when I read that. And I'm enjoying your vacation too!

Jeanne said...

You have some lovely shots of the mississippi river here. made me remember when I was about 10, I went on a trip with my parents to minnesota where the headwaters are for the mississippi river. Remember my dad and I hopping across the rocks of the river crossing to the other side. Never would have imagined that it could get this big from itaska minnesota. Amazing.

gina caro said...

You have some brilliant photos there. x

Natasha SerenityYou said...

just to let you know that your photo has been featured on My Monthly photo challenge. Hope you can join in with this months challenge too, the theme is Water

Natasha xxx