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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Croley's Barn Revisited

I am reposting a winter barn for this week's Barn Charm.
Someone else posted some snow scenes and I thought I would copy them and
post my own snow in this 100+ degree weather we're having.

It was posted a while back when I decided to start a blog for barns.
That was before I began linking with Barn Charm, so maybe you haven't seen it.

This was my neighbor's barn taken in February 2010.  He became sick in the summer of that year and passed away right before Christmas of that year.
It snowed that Christmas morning also.

Croley, I look over at your barn every time I pull in the driveway.

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Mary said...

Burrr. Winter scene to cool the 90-100's of July.

debi said...

Great photo, love, love, love the yellow truck!!

Kim, USA said...

A picture worth remembering in times like this. ^_^ Like that yellow truck too.

Kim, USA

Tricia Hays said...

I'm so sorry, but what a great way to remember your friend... sure wouldn't mind a spin in that ol truck! heheheee

Thank you =)

Mari said...

That snow is refreshing! Nice old barn and I love the truck!

Daniel LaFrance said...

Found my way here by way of Barn Charm. That said, your post is wonderful (story and pics)!


Carletta said...

Your snow pics are wonderful as I sit here on generator power and no ac!
Love the barn and grain elevator and that old truck. I bet Croley would be proud the barn is getting some notice on the WWW! :)

Beth said...

i love the snow. & the truck is such a heart steal-er. great view. (:

Kathy said...

A little snow looks pretty refreshing! Love that old yellow truck too.

Elaine said...

Nice barn and lovely memories of your neighbor. We aren't having the warm weather here, but the snow is a perfect scene for so much of the country. Hopefully things will cool off soon.

Rita said...

There is something about adding snow to a scene that changes the whole feel of a place. It becomes so much more serene.

Amy, sorry I forget to check this blog when I don't do a barn post of my own. That is a big mistake because you have some great harms here. I have more barns in my archives then any other subject but somehow forget to dig them out on Mondays.

Afraid, I have so much going on just now that i am hopelessly behind in staying caught up with my favorite bloggers. I have to have another surgery on the 25th and that will get me even farther behind I'm afraid.