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Friday, June 15, 2012

Fit to be tied and which comes first

Have I started taking photos just to blog them?

For me, it has been photos came first, then I started blogging in order to do something with all my photos.

This morning I have done the opposite.  Oh, dear.  I took photos because I wanted to blog them.

A vicious cycle.

On to the subject.
I'm not a health nut, but I do try to eat well most of the time.  As I get older, and fatter, I try harder with the eating thing.  Can't say that about the exercise thing.  I've never been an exerciser.  So all the more reason to eat less of my favorites - potato chips and burgers - and more of the better stuff.

Anyhooo, above is my breakfast bowl before I put in the cooked Quinoa and steel cut oats.
Non-fat vanilla yogurt, walnuts, fresh blueberries from hubby's plants, cinnamon and a squirt of honey.

I cooked extra Quinoa for the fridge because it takes about 15 minutes to cook and 
I don't want to do that everyday.  
It looks blah doesn't it.
Well, it tastes blah too. 
 But, it's supposed to be a "complete food" so I try to eat it here and there.

There's no photo of my bowl after it and the oats were all mixed in.
That wasn't such a pretty picture.

Change the subject . . .

Do you like men's ties?
I do.  I've always noticed ties on men and in the stores. 
 I guess it is all the different patterns and the mix with the contrasting shirts.  
Lately, I've been noticing the major network news mens' ties.  
They are especially bright these days.

Random palaver over.

On second thought, I'm Linking with

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Cottage and Broome said...

Quinoa is so good for you but you are right rather blah. I like to add almonds. Great shot, I loved the bowl too! Laura

Nancy Claeys said...

Lol! oh you poor girl! Photos for your blog? Say it ain't so!

Sandra said...

my first time ever to hear the word Qunionla or to see it. and yes I started my blog in 09 to show the photos i had taken, and yes, now i take photos just to blog... and I love it and am glad you did it to, this is good reading and I learned something new. i always make snide comments about the ties, and why oh why does he have on a PINK tie, or what was he thinking wearing that tie with that shirt. as brilliant as they are now there is no NOT noticing them. same with the wild jewelry the females where.

Beth said...

what i notice 1st is they are not straight. 2nd the color or design. they can add such style to the suit. i like quinoa with the right food. you need to add things to make it taste great. (:

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Your comment made me laugh as I am always thinking of my blogs when I am out and about with my camera.

Pamela Gordon said...

It's so hard and also very expensive, to eat healthy, for me. Fresh fruit comes from the US or South America so it's not very fresh when it arrives up here. :) I like your close up shots. It's good to stay healthy.

Anonymous said...

Can you believe those ties? I've noticed them, too... I thought grumpy old men fear change! LoL! =)

Annie said...

I totally get this. Ordinary everyday pictures take on new life with all the terrific editing options we have.

Cranberry Morning said...

Yeah, those cheerful ties are a red herring, leading us away from the depressing state of economic affairs!

LOVE that first photo. My yogurt, berries, flaxseed, and walnuts never looks that gorgeous. And about quinoa, I lived in Bolivia a year where of course they ate quinoa. When I was at a health food store (years later) in the states, I saw quinoa and asked if that was from the Andes. The clerk said no, it was from South America. I think she thought Andes was only the name of a mint. lol

Love the word 'palaver.' I've got to start using that!!! :-) And now would probably be a good time to use it. lol

Cranberry Morning said...

P.S. Make that a 'pink herring.'

Betty Manousos said...

i really like your shots, and i always try to eat more healthy as well.

your photos are soo delish!!

have a great weekend!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

My beef with quinoa is that it costs so much. :-( I recently made a mushroom quinoa recipe and I didn't care for it much - just made myself eat it ;-)

Betty Roan said...

I'm not a big fan of quinoa, but I know it is healthy. I have oatmeal with flax seed mixed with yogurt and whatever fruit is available. Never thought of mixing in quinoa. I might, repeat, might, try it.

Yes, I've noticed the ties are getting bolder. Even our Judge wears a pink tie at least once a week. I remember the days when a man wearing pink just wouldn't happen. It's actually kind of nice to see some bright colors for a change.

Rita said...

I must be way out of the loop today. I have never heard of Quinoa. Will have to go look it up. But, we do eat a lot of oatmeal for breakfast.

I also notice mens ties. Perhaps, that should be my next parade project for on my sidebar. Never considered a Tie Parade. You should add these ties to pink saturday.

Kathy said...

Hmmm. Lots to ponder. I figure if I start eating healthy now all I could attempt to accomplish is to extend my life by maybe two years. At today's prices, $7,000 a month in a nursing home, two years would cost $168,000. My Social Security check and my IRA retirement, which I hope not to have to dig into until I'm at least 75 (which will be in 8 years) with the exception of the mandatory withdrawals at 70.5 and whatever other ages the system requires, simply will not cover that kind of expense. So I guess I'll continue with bacon and eggs when I do manage to eat breakfast, and an occasional steak with French fries.

As for men's ties, I do not like pink ties or any ties in pastel colors, nor those satin ties (or whatever shiny fabric they're using these days). I sorta like the old-fashioned striped ones or the paisley ones in colors like navy and burgundy or forest green. I guess those are considered passe today, but every time I see Donald Trump on TV with that pink satin tie and his comb-over I want to ... I guess you can fill in the blank here!

Marie said...

I've never eaten Quinoa. Is it like Cream of Wheat? I love what you had to mix in though!

Halcyon said...

I take pictures to blog and I'm not ashamed to admit it. :) My husband is always getting tired of me shooting benches, doorways, barns...
I think your breakfast sounds delicious. I have never used quinoa as a breakfast food, but I'll have to try it. I think it's a great idea.