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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yummy fall food

Some, maybe most, of you will snurl your nose at this.
All I can say is to try it, you might like it.

This is mustard greens and kale.  We prefer collards, but they didn't come up well this year.

Pick enough for a sink full.
Clean your sink first, rinsing all cleaning products away very well.
Fill sink with greens, then several inches of water to wash well.
Swoosh them around with your hands for a couple of minutes.
If the stems are large and tough, you may need to remove them.
Two wash cycles should do it unless they are really dirty.
Wash until there is no grit in the bottom of the sink.
If they are buggy - well, use your discretion.  Personally, I don't like bugs in my greens.

Saute bacon, onions, garlic in a large pot with olive oil.

Mix a spoonful of beef base with a little water.
Add balsamic vinegar and about a tablespoon of sugar.
About half to a full cup of this mixture is good for a large batch.
Most of my mixture is vinegar.

We use a little red wine at this point, letting the alcohol cook away.
Then add the vinegar mixture.
Some heat is good also.  We use red pepper flakes and/or Tabasco to taste.

Do NOT add water.  

Drain the cleaning water from your sink full of greens.
(If there is grit in the bottom of the sink, wash them again.)

Move the greens to your pot.  Paula Deen and some others would have you chiffonade them before cooking.  We don't bother.

You may have to let them cook down a bit before all of them will fit in the pot.
There will probably be enough water on the greens from the washing for cooking liquid, plus liquid comes from the greens during cooking.
You need only about two inches of liquid in the bottom to start with.
Do NOT add water unless necessary as this will dilute your seasoning.
Cook at a simmer until darker green.  One to two hours will do it depending on how tender they are when picked.  Move them around a few times during the cooking.

Yes, they do have their own smell during cooking.
It's fall, open the windows.

And eat with sweet potato and pork.
I put pickled jalapeno liquid on mine to eat, and maybe a jalapeno slice or three.
Yummy fall food.
(sorry about that potato - it was not that shockingly orange until I uploaded it)


Sandra said...

they look fantastic, we had greeens yer round, daddy always had either collards, turnips, mustard greens. i prefer collards to. the mustard is delicious used on a sandwich instead of lettuce. minus sand and bugs but no cooking needed.

Kerry said...

Oh Yum! This is definitely kicked up beyond the way I make them, I am going to try this.

Candy said...

You're makin me hungry. I love turnip greens, but never had collard or mustard greens.
Your patch made such a pretty picture...especially with the cotton field in the background.

Anonymous said...

It all looks delicious to me. I tasted kale for the first time this summer.

Rose said...

Forget the sweet potato and pork and give me extra greens!!!! Oh, that sounds delicious...of course I would make cornbread to eat with...homemade...not the kind with sugar in it. You really have my mouth watering now!

Debbie said...

i love any, home cooked meal!!

it has to be yummy, there's bacon in it!!