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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bella Rustica

My friend and I went to Bella Rustica, a vintage barn marketplace
held at Milky Way Farms in Pulaski, Tennessee.

My camera had a mind of its own and snapped its own photos.

Even a cool boulder.

My friend, Kerry, aka, The Woman at the Well, and myself.
She bought a charm and two camp stools.

I bought a pencil sharpener.  Yes, just a pencil sharpener.


Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

That pencil sharpener is so neat! Takes me waaay back to my grade school days. Oh, and I notice that when your camera was taking it's own photos that it seemed to like the color turquoise. Hmmm. Glad you two had such a neat time. Looks like a blast!

Cranberry Morning said...

That looks like a fun day! Cool old pencil sharpener. I'm sure it's got an interesting story it could tell.

Sandie said...

Nice pictures! I looked for you there. My friend and I were in the earlybirds. Love your pencil sharpener! Come and visit us at Candlelight!

Kerry said...

It was fun!

Tricia Hays said...

What. A. Post.! WoW! Love it!

Annmarie Pipa said...

wow..what a fun day that must have been. what treasures!!

Judy said...

Amy, I had no idea you had this blog. I'm in love with this post, what an awesome place to visit. I see soooooo many items that I would love to have. Do they have this just once a year?

Anne Payne said...

Now that's a fun day, indeed!

Madge Bloom said...

Wow, I'd love to have been there! You've got one shot of a star made from short pieces of barbed wire... I've got some pieces of vintage barbed wire (they all look a bit different) that I could do that with. When I found the wire, I couldn't pass it up, brought it home and thought 'now what?' and put them away... love that idea!