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Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter Wonderland Wish

Winter 2010-2011 brought two "real" snowfalls to the southern states.  I say real, because sometimes we get an inch that melts immediately, or an inch of mixed precipitation that freezes and renders the area completely immobile.  We don't know how to drive on a sheet of ice.

However, we received a healthy snow on Christmas morning 2010.  What a thrill that was!  In my 50 years I don't remember a snow on Christmas morning in my town in Alabama.  (I didn't check the facts on this - but if I don't remember it, then for me anyway, it didn't happen).

Amazingly enough, about two weeks later we got another "real" snow.  About a foot in some areas.  My home grounds measured 8 - 10 inches.

This year is unseasonably warm.  This is the best I will get this year.

Winter wonderland.

I know these are weeds, but I love them.  Weeds have been the subject of other photography projects of mine.
Oh, those are just weeds . . .

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Winter in Alabama

Maybe if we wish very hard . . .


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