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Friday, February 3, 2012

Can this photo be saved ?

S - T - A - R
Stop - Think - Act - Review

Apologies  to any previous workmates from nuclear power looking at my blog,  Go ahead and hit the X in the top right corner right now.

However, this human performance tool would have saved this photo in camera without me doing extra work after the fact.

The camera was set on Spot Metering - which means that I metered (exposed) for a spot on the barn rather than averaging the exposure across the whole frame.  That's why in the first image the barn looks good and the rest is over-exposed.  Spot Metering is good when your subject is against a very light background (or vice-versa).  The second image is the auto correct function in Photoshop Camera Raw.  It's "too cooked" for my taste.  So I tweaked it and decided on the third image.  Another problem with the image is that it was just after mid-day and the sun is still too harsh to allow a great image from the camera.

If I had Stopped, Thought about the settings, Acted to change the setting, Reviewed my decision before snapping this wouldn't have happened.  (I did review the image on the screen, but had schedule pressure as there was a car behind me.  And, I'm bashful about taking pictures of people's property.)  Some of you are thinking "well, just put it on Auto or Program mode".  That's no fun and you don't learn anything about photography, plus the camera might not make the best choices.  If I wanted it that simple, I wouldn't have a nice camera.  If you have a nice camera, it sure is a waste to just use Auto.

Enough lecture and my rambling.

Leiper's Fork, Tennessee barns deserve better than my amateur photography so visit in person, or, at least visit this website.

BTW, I want to live there, but can't afford it.

And a cropped version.

Many interesting things to see, anywhere between The Beverly Hillbillies . . . 

. . . to The Dukes of Hazard and Mayberry . . .
(these were from a previous visit on a rainy day)

 . . .and Mad Max of Thunderdome.

Seriously, this cycle took some skill to put together.  I wish I had gotten a good photo of the tag so I could give credit.

And another barn.  I really, really want to live on this road.

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