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Monday, December 10, 2012


Madge Bloom @ The View From Right Here inspires me with each of her posts.  My nighttime shots (or daytime shots for that matter) are not near as good as hers so I have vowed to work on them.  My biggest problem is I always rush, feeling like I look silly, or that I am in someone's way, etc.
Even though I used a tripod for this one, there is not enough of it in focus.  I would rather the wreaths be in better focus.  I should have tried f11 instead of f5.6.  I had remembered to try that on some other shots but there was not enough light.  There may have been enough for this particular one.

This subject especially reminds me of Madge.
Can you guess why?

Franklin, Tennessee, U. S. A.


Sandra said...

I love what cha do whatcha do with your camera, and yes, Madge inspires me every day but so do you... this is beautiful.

Cranberry Morning said...

It sure looks beautiful to me! All your shots have a way of provoking thought. I think that's the difference between art and just photos.

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

well, i like & enjoy it, hope that means the world to you. you are still learning. we all are. ... enjoy your week. ( :

Linda/patchwork said...

Hmmm....I don't see anything wrong with it, at all.

I need to do more practice with my camera, too. Keep up the inspiration.

Brian King said...

Beautifully decorated and nice angle on your photo!

Kerry said...

I like looking at photo blogs and you inspire me to learn more about my camera.

Annie said...

Beautiful enough to breathe health and vitality back into ailing bodies.

Nancy Claeys said...

Although I don't have a Starbucks within 50 miles, I do love this image. xo

Rose said...

Why does this remind you of Madge? It sort of does me, too, but not sure why.

Oh, I am so with you on always trying to hurry. Part of it with me is a lot of time Roger is doing the driving and though he really don't care, I always feel I have to hurry.

Then there are times I go and just get shaky for no reason at all. I have used my tripod before and did fairly often, but haven't had it out in ages.

I have a mono-pod that I have used...just having it on without extending it sometimes stabilizes me. Roger says that is what the stabilizer does for bow hunters.

Anyway, came to see if you had written anything about your hubby...all these shots makes me wonder if you are staying there now.

I hope all is going well in that dept....

We are off to daughter's house tomorrow, and will be gone a day or two. I probably won't be blogging but will be reading email.

I wanted to wish the best for you this Christmas season...hope the New Year brings lots of good things.