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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Summer Tanager

Wow.  My blog is still here.  It's been how many weeks -- months since I was here last?  

Is anybody out there?

Had to post this guy.

Juvenile male Summer Tanager

He is getting his red/orange coloring, slowly but surely.
Hope I can spot him again from the kitchen window.


Michelle said...

He is really giving you, "the look". lol

Robin Lamb said...

Hi Amy, nice to hear from you! Hope everything is going well with you! This is a very pretty bird! Such nice colours!

Sandra said...

Hi, glad to see you and it has been several MONTHS since you were here last. the bird is so sweet looking at your clicking camera. I am still here but there are many of our blog friends gone.

Sharon said...

Hi Amy, I'm here both for the blog & on Facebook. I think of you often and still hope someday for us to meet. I'm thinking more and more of starting to post to my blog again. The desire to write has returned. Maybe you've provided some encouragement!!

Brian King said...

Beautiful! Nice shot!

Bethany Carson said...

Great shot of the tanager! Glad to see you're still around the blogging world! I was just checking out a few of the blogs I haven't been to in a while...and yours was on the list! :)

Tanya Breese said...

look how cute he is looking right at you! i was happy to see a post from you!

Anne Payne said...

Great catch! He is a beauty!!!

I've about dropped off the blogosphere too, Amy. Life's been too hectic and stressful. By the way, we moved and I'm going to unsubscribe from your blog and re-subscribe with a different email because I don't think there is any way for me to 'edit' my email with you.

Cheri said...

Amy, catching up on favorite bloggers and was so glad to see your post. Lovely.