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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Corn is lush, corn is scary

This year's crop in fields surrounding my place is feed corn.
What was lush and green a couple of months ago is now dry, brown and ready to harvest . . . and scary looking . . . to me anyway.
I dread when they harvest because of the dust.


TexWisGirl said...

i was waiting for some eerie (eary?) story of 'children in the corn'. :)

Brian King said...

It doesn't look nearly so nice when it's ready to harvest, but it looks like a good crop.

Sandra said...

i am just happy it is there for feed, there as been so much damage to hay and corn from storms and floods and fires that is what scares me. hope the dust doesn't last to long

Roan said...

I agree with the dust. We have plenty other times of the year, but during harvest it's terrible. Ah-choo! is right. I grew up on a farm, but my kids grew up in Dallas. We didnt visit IL during harvest until she was in high school. She saw the cornpickers out and said, "What are they doing? That corn is dead!" I have never let her forget that statement.

Anne Payne said...

Yes, corn fields are gorgeous when they are green! The soybean field across from us is so pretty right now. When harvest comes, the dust will permeate the air and we'll have to stay closeted in the house.