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Friday, January 20, 2012

Thank you so much!

Wow.  I feel very honored to be featured by Brenda at Cozy Little House in Welcome Wagon Friday.  Everyone is so kind.  I truly appreciate all the visits and nice comments.  

I hope to continue posting routinely as I have quite a collection of things and I visit shops often.  I do not have a business of any kind,  I just shop and collect.  One of these days that might change just so I can make some room.

My biggest hobby is photography.  Since the weather is not the best now, I decided photographing antiques, junk and collections is the next best thing -- as they are my second favorite hobby.

You people party a lot and I will figure out that aspect of blogging one day.

Thank you for the wonderful welcome,


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Brenda sent me! I love junking and photography also. I think your blog is great!

Annie said...

Hello. Brenda sent me too. Another photographer here. I'm planning a post with pics of my old Polaroid cameras that you might enjoy. I still use them but even with Project Impossible the film is getting ever harder to buy so I think I need to chronicle what I have before I sadly sell them.

The partying part is easy. Just pop over to say hi to us :D I've made so many new friends through blogging, and not all of them virtual ones. Some I chat with often now, be that via email or the phone, and others I meet for real. So ... pleased to meet you :D

Cranberry Morning said...

Amy, I found you on Cozy Little House. LOVE your blog. Those photos just tug at my vintage heart!♥ I'm enjoying looking around. We also have a whole bunch of those Alfred Hitchcock 'Three Investigators' Mystery Series. Our kids loved them! Thanks for the gorgeous photos.

Cranberry Morning said...

P.S. I am your newest follower, following via GFC. :-)

Alabama Amy said...

Love your photos. Funny, I was planning a post with my friend's knitting! She knits tiny caps for babies. Thank you for commenting.

Alabama Amy said...

Thank you so much. I think those books are both mine and my husband's from childhood.

Alabama Amy said...

Thank you, Linda!