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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Leaning Family Tree

These family photo ornaments I made a few  years ago.  This tree is in the study.  Anyone remotely close to me  knows that one of my hobbies is old family photos.  Every year when I put this tree up I decide to add more family members.  This year I need to work on some more aunts and uncles.

Can't have a family tree without the main family.
Me and my husband with our handsome son

Hubby and his parents
Me and my parents

Next are our grandparents
My mother and her parents

My father and his parents
My husband's maternal grandparents and uncle who died young

My husband's paternal grandparents

My husband's family (and my son) live and breathe University of  Tennessee Vols sports, mostly football.  This lady is one of my husband's maternal Great-grandmothers.  You'll never guess what her maiden name was.

This lady is Tennessee "Tennie" Voils
These are hubby's paternal Great-grandparents

Next are my maternal Great-grandparents.

These are my paternal Great-grandparents.

I am fortunate enough to have photos of some of my Great-great-grandparents.  I notice I missed taking a  photo of one set.

My aunts and uncles.  This year I will add their spouses.

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❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

Hi Amy,
I was just over at your other blog and had to come here to see your photos!
I love your Christmas tree...gives a whole new definition to "family tree" doesn't it? *smiles*